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Just plain doesn't work at all!!

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We had been using Frontline from our veterinarian for a long time, it got to the point where it seemed the fleas were becoming immune to it so we went to the vet and highly recommended Vectra 3d to us and we applied it correctly, he had no bath for 7 days prior to the application of product and was placed as directed down the back and on the skin not the hair. Thank god we didn't have a real bad reaction, he did have some lethargy for about a... Read more

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This product is horrible! I have never seen so many fleas on my dog the first time i called them they told me to contact my vet and the vet would reinburse my money. Ha yeah right the vet said they needed to see me. I was told that this stuff works better than frontline itself and thats what i need to use. This product is horrible i have been having to brush my dog constantly wash our bed sheets everyday. The vet tried telling me that its my... Read more

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My dog has been on Vectra since age 2 months. At age 10 months he became infested with ticks (3 different kinds) while walking on a trail at a State Park. It had been 3 weeks since his last dose of Vectra. The vet removed nine ticks the following day and dosed him with Front Line. The next day, about 20 more ticks fell off of him. When I called to report to Ceva, the vet there just gave me all the reasons the Vectra product does not always... Read more

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Got this medication from our vet on Friday. Applied it to our 1 year old Liver Dalmatian on Saturday night along with our Teddy Bear, within and hour our Dalmatian was lethargic, and twitching. Called the ER Vet in our area and they made us bring him in, thank GOD we did as he was having Tremors and if we had not taken him to the vet he would have ended up having Seizures. The Vet washed him with Dawn Dish soap, prescribed him Valium and... Read more

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I used this product several times on my Yorkie and he was fine with the exception of shaking his body as if he were wet. Some of it got on my arm when I was trying to comfort him and my skin became numb in that area. I foolishly thought that it was supposed to feel like that, after all, it is "dog medicine". The last time I used it on him, he couldn't shake his body, he yelped each time, I thought he hurt his foot and that was what was... Read more

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I just put vectra 3d on my american bulldog 3 days ago. He is STILL SCRATCHING! I even read directions thoroughly and properly applied the medication. I will NEVER USE IT AGAIN!

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We have been using this product for the last few years on our wheaten terrier and probably ran into a handful of ticks in that span. Mostly dead ones. In the past 2 month's we've pulled feeding ticks off of him just about every day. The last dose made him sick and when I called the vet they said they no longer carry Vectra 3D. We used to be able to let him out and chase the rabbit's/chipmunks into the bushes but now we have to take him on... Read more

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Ceva Animal Health - Vectra 3d mad my dog extremely ill
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My Yorkie mix had been taking Vectra 3d for a year then as she go older we changed one brand for smaller dogs because she was in the next weight group. Well that mess mad my dog so sick! I gave it to her that morning by the afternoon she was sick and wouldn't walk and got a rash on her bottom. I called the vet, they said watch her and if she gets no better then bring her in. We washed her with her shampoo for sensitive dogs and then finally with... Read more

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My Maltipoo had a very bad reaction to Vectra 3d. Running back and forth, couldn't get comfortable. Very restless. Very itchy on skin. Drinking lots of water. Lethargic and not herself. Could hardly walk up stairs and couldn't jump on sofa or bed like she normally did. Yelping when we picked her up. This product is not safe. Why is this product on the market?

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