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Ceva Animal Health - ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE 5 of 5 people found it helpful
We had been using Frontline from our veterinarian for a long time, it got to the point where it seemed the fleas were becoming immune to it so we went to the vet and highly recommended Vectra 3d to us and we applied it correctly, he had no bath for 7 days prior to the application of product and was placed as directed down the back and on the skin not the hair. Thank god we didn't have a real bad reaction, he did have some lethargy for about a...
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This product is horrible! I have never seen so many fleas on my dog the first time i called them they told me to contact my vet and the vet would reinburse my money. Ha yeah right the vet said they needed to see me. I was told that this stuff works better than frontline itself and thats what i need to use. This product is horrible i have been having to brush my dog constantly wash our bed sheets everyday. The vet tried telling me that its my...
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Used monthly last year on two dogs and it still enabled ticks to latch on and end up engorged. Kept finding engorged ticks on the floors in our house. The co. Never returned my email inquiry asking why and what I could do differently. As usual, applied it to both dogs last week and within two days each dog had more than five attached ticks and the red circle. My oldest dog has serious Lyme already and this product isn't helping with prevention..
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Gave our 9-yr old Lab a dose of 'Vectra 3D'. Within hours, she showed signs of discomfort. The next day, she began drooling and had diarrhea. Following day involved the same symptoms and vomiting. This continued. Many visits to the vets. Vets had no clue. She kept worsening. Six weeks later, after several trips to the vet, another visit revealed "systemic organ failure" and had to be put down. Subsequent internet research shows this is...
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Applied and took nearly 2-3 days to absorb fully into skin.Dogs immediately reacted with scratching and discomfort. Applied to three adult Whippets - no reactions to any med before. It has been 7 days and still dogs are displaying abnormal and aggravation due to the application of this med. Constant scratching, head shaking, head scratching, ear scratching, etc. I phoned the vet. Stated never heard of this type of reaction before. After reading...
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Every day that month I pulled off between 5-8 ticks off of her.This product is ***! I tried to get my money back from the vet and they refused. I am very upset that I am out $51.00 for something that made my dog miserable.I would advise everyone never to put this product on their dogs. I asked a couple other vets about this product and they informed me that they refused to sell it to their clients due to the fact that it doesn't work .I am...
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