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DO NOT USE VEXTRA 3D FOR FLEAS. I used it last night on my 145lb.

Newfoundland and my Shih Tzu. We were up ALL last night. They were going crazy itching and could not get comfortable anywhere. I have never used this product before and I WILL NEVER USE IT AGAIN.

I have since washed my Shih Tzu with Dawn dish soap to get the Vectra off of her. She is still itching and acting alittle strange but is getting better. PLEASE, PLEASE DON'T USE THIS STUFF!!!!!!

I have no idea why Vets sell this POISON ***!! I trusted my vet and got screwed.

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Too many problems especially in small dogs. To strong a med.

for many. Keep reading. Potential side effects should be on box. Company does not like complaints and ignores people who have them.

They also should put an expiration date on all boxes. If it kills a cat, you should look up the ingredients!

Rochester, New Hampshire, United States #631248

If your dog is scratching, itching from fleas eventually the dog skin will cause allergic reaction from the condition. And the skin disease causing the hair to fall out from the flea bites should be treated before adminitering this product.

All parasite products increase the sensitivity of the dog and any current health issues symptoms will readily show up after administering this product. Be a responsible pet owner and read up on info materials. CALL the Pharmaceautical Manu.

for recommendations, advise. Your Vet is not a Pharmacist and is at the MERCY of the Pharmaceutical Company.

Key West, Florida, United States #583048

My 4 dogs were inundated with ticks, crawling across the floor, dropping from the trees. Frontline was useless.

My vet suggested Vectra. YIPPEE! The ticks literally ran the other direction...........ticks were GONE in ONE DAY!

None dropping from the trees or walking across the floor. My dogs weight from 50 to 85 and NO problems.

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