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I applied vectra 3d luck usual a week &half ago then took my dog on a walk at the local nature preserve. I checked her for ticks when we came home and found 10 on her tummy, legs,and arm pits.

I'm calling the vet to get my money back cause this stuff does nothing for this. I'll try something else. I won't be trying bio spot cause it's toxic to cars and I have a cat that plays with the dog.

I'm worried that I didn't get all the ticks but I think my dog attacking the spot will tell me. this mess is expensive along with all the new things the vet wants to put on my dog.

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Gulfport, Mississippi, United States #673768

I had the same issue! :( No tick repellant and ticks are way more dangerous than fleas. Vectra 3D is a rip off.

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