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I have used Vectra 3D on dogs for years, and no adverse effects. However, like any medication or treatment, different dogs will react differently to different things.

"ANY" flea medication is just that ... a medication. They shot a dye into me for a test, only 1 in 100,000 ever react.... I react...

by not being able to breath at all. They resuscitated me. I was that "1" . Same goes with any medication or treatment you use on dogs.

Know the counter measures to take at any time that you give your animal something & as it could react to any medication.

Reason of review: Good quality.

I liked: Vectra 3d.

I didn't like: Frontline.

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Excellent observation, like humans, dogs can react differently to the same product or drug.

If a pet owner believes that a particular reaction following the correct application of Vectra 3D is due to the product, he/she should discuss this first with the pet's primary care vet, whether or not the product was purchased from the vet (it's an OTC product that does not require a prescription and therefore is available from numerous sources such as Amazon). If the vet concludes that the culprit is Vectra 3D, change to another preventive with different chemical ingredients.

In fact, my recommendation would be to change the product regardless of the vet's conclusion. That's because skin allergies in dogs are among the most difficult conditions to diagnose as so many things can trigger an allergic reaction, be it drugs, chemical compounds in topical applications, certain dog food ingredients or environmental factors such as grass pollen etc.

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