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I have always used Frontline plus (6yrs) and never had a problem, a couple of weeks ago, my groomer said she found a couple of fleas on my 10lb yorkie..she bathed him in a flea shampoo and said he should be good......she also stated that there had been some issues with other dogs that have been using frontline plus...a week later it was time for my dog's monthly flea treatment, and I used my last frontline plus. A week later, I was surprised to see a bug on my dog, especially after the flea shampoo and the flea treatment.

In the meantime we discovered a few fleas on my granddog (2lb yorkie) daughter in law went to her vet and they gave her Vectra 3d to use. The vet directed her to put half on the base of the tail and wait til the next day and put the other half between the shoulder blades. Next day I went to the same vet and purchased this product...asked them if it was ok to treat my dog with this if I had just treated him a week ago. Went home and followed same instructions as my daughter in law was given for her pet.

In a matter of hours, my poor dog was walking around very agitated and his tail and his back side were twisted. Noticeably something was terribly granddog was also acting strange and trying to rub her back against anything she could find. We washed both dogs with Dawn, but to no day my dog was still suffering and was up til 2am until he finally fell asleep. The following day was Sunday and I called the vet.

Apparently my dog had a severe adverse reaction to this medication and they had to put him on steriods and give him an ointment for his anus, as the medication that was on the base of his tail had horrifically swollen his anus. Thank goodness that he finally started feeling normal by Monday.

Needless to say, this flea treatment should NOT be used on any dog, let alone on small breeds. This should be band and taken off the market!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ceva Animal Health Flea Control.

Monetary Loss: $155.

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My dog (10 pound Maltese/Poodle mix) just had EXACTLY the same reaction to Vectra 3D, and he has NEVER reacted poorly to either Frontline or Revolution. I applied the medication EXACTLY AS DIRECTED, didn't get it near his anus, and yet now it's all inflamed, he's walking funny, with his tail crooked, and he's so fidgety, trying to shake the medication off him all the time.

(Meaning, he keeps shaking like dogs do when they're trying to dry themselves.) I washed him with Dawn as soon as I noticed the adverse reaction (about 3 hours after application), but he's still totally messed up, about 20 hours later. :-(

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #682310

my dog had no problem using vectra but i only put it on her sholder blade region cause she some times bites at her tail and butt region and because it says its not good for cats cause they lick themselves i didnt want any to get ingested by my dog. I havent had any of those problems listed above but my dog is a 10 pound chihuahua. sorry to hear this happened to you.


Vectra 3d should not be used on small dogs!!! My 5 pound Pom had a terrible reaction to this product. I have bathed him 3x and I am hoping the panting and nervousness subsides soon.

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