I have a toy pom 5 pounds who had a horrible flea problem. I spent a great deal of money on flea products to find that they did not work.

Advantage frontline on and on. My vet suggested Vectra and IMMEDIATELY IT WORKED... My poor little baby was so relieved. Thank you so much.

you people are SO QUICK to *** about a product or complain and nag like a pissed off consumer. Try a little positive praise in your life and you will be a lot happier What a joke Pissed Consumer...neg. thought will get you a neg world.

Vectra worked and thats the truth. So here ya go.......

Reason of review: Good quality.

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When you are on a site call 'pissedconsumer.com', you should expect people "to *** about a product or complain and nag like a pissed off consumer." That is why the site was created.


No, this stuff is AWFUL!!! Fleas multiplied after I applied it to my dog and I did all the proper steps! I changed her to something else and she has NOTHING!

Go figure!


I also just LOVE Vectra. The applicator is by far the easiest to use of all the topical flea treatments, the product does not leave my dogs coat greasy like all the others and it has the most broad spectrum of insects that it repels of all products.

I also don't get how people are so quick to blame this product on all of their pet's ills without concrete proof. I have used it for years on 2 tiny Chis that have sensitive skin with no problems whatsoever. What about the low quality, grain laden food that most people feed their poor dogs?

Most issues, especially skin related and digestive, are the direct result of owners being too cheap or uneducated to feed their pets properly. Just .02


My little rat terrier age 7 months has been having bloody stools since applying vector 3d not sure if it's the vectra or something else will be going to the vet tomorrow

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