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Dog was itching and unable to even sit up. He vomited nonstop for couple hours.

Luckily we looked things up on google am it told us to bath him in dawn dish soap. The next morning the dog was still the same. Not wanting to even go outside, which he is always excited to do. We bathed him again.

Then took h to vet for observation. He is going to be on as far as we know. But what a horrible experience. I will never use this product again.

We are lucky to still have our dog!!

We have a great vet that seen us right away and also contacted vectras vet to consult with them on his symptoms.

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Johnson City, New York, United States #814904

Used vectra 3d in my shih tzu and yorkie, both seven lbs.

within two hours they both were anxious and twitching.

Washed then both in dawn which seemed to help

Yorkie but my poor shih tzu continued to suffer.

Took her to the vet the next day and had her

Examined. Nothing more we could do.

I will Never use this again. Fyi...i only used half the Recommended dose

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